Question: How long will it take for my bathroom renovation to be completed?
Answer: On average, a bathroom renovation takes 2 weeks to be completed. But this can depend on a number of factors:

  • Specifications of your bathroom
  • Design requests
  • Product Requests
  • And any other special requests.

Please Note: some shower screens can take 2 weeks to be manufactured & the shower screen manufacturer cannot commence until its location is checked and measured (this cannot be done until tiling is complete).

Question: Do I have the option of organising a portable bathroom while my bathroom is in the process of construction?
Answer: Yes, we can organise a portable bathroom hire service. However, we are not adverse to you organising your own.

Question: Do I have to supply products?
Answer: We are a full-service company. We take pride in making the bathroom renovation process as smooth and seamless as possible; therefore the only thing that you have to do is to choose the products and the colour of the tiles. We will organise purchase and delivery of all products (including tiles).
If however, you have a specific product in mind, we are happy for you to supply and have our highly trained technicians install it for you.