4 Important Questions To Ask Your Bathroom Renovator Before Renovating

Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting process for new and old homeowners, but it can also cause a great deal of stress. Naturally you would want the whole project to be perfect from start to finish, and you definitely wouldn’t want to spend extra money to fix a renovator’s mishaps.

To ensure you are getting the value your paid for it is vital that you communicate very clearly with your renovator on what you want and how you want your bathroom to look. Below are a few questions that you should be asking your bathroom renovator before they get started on your dream bathroom.

How many years have you been renovating bathrooms for?

For any job that requires someone to do work in your house, you should ALWAYS be hiring a professional craftsman. Asking about someone’s experience and keeping tabs on their professionalism will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also show the contractor that you value their experience and expertise. Comb for details on their punctuality, cleanliness, communication and quality of work. By doing this, your renovator will know that you understand what path your bathroom will be going through and that you trust their skill. Experience is more often then not more valuable than qualifications and an experienced bathroom renovator will take their job seriously.

Are you licensed and qualified?

Bathroom remodelling is not just a typical job any handyman can undertake. Construction is notorious for bringing up legalities that you might face when trouble strikes, so make sure that your contractor is licensed and qualified. This will cover you in the long run, and it sends a clear message to them that you want your reno’s done according to regulation. If they aren’t registered, find out why or switch contractors.

Do you take on bathroom remodeling projects of my scope?

Contractors can vary in what projects they specialise in. For example, one contractor may do master bathroom renovations, while another focuses specifically on small bathroom or ensuite remodels. So asking this question straight away can save everyones time and effort.

Do you have any references?

Last but not least, ask for references that you can call before hiring. Take the extra mile to find out if clients were happy with the job to help you form a decision. Once you have the details, ask about time frame, satisfaction and professionalism of the contractor and if they would use them again.

If you ask all these questions before renovating a bathroom you will be able to make sure you have the right team for your renovation!

Top Design Trends for Bathroom Renovations in 2019

Where’s the bathroom? Visitors will always ask when they enter so why not vamp it up a bit. From wooden furnishings, green accents to asymmetrical shapes. The possibilities are endless. You’ll be dying to keep the bathroom door open as we cover our top bathroom design trends for 2019.


Every day is Spa Day

First things first, spa-inspired styling is a popular trend as residents can use the bathroom to escape the everyday pressures of life. Incorporate freestanding bathtubs with a soft rounded edge to bring softness or try a rectangular boxed shape for a sleek look. Either way, it is a simple way to achieve a luxurious oasis, perfect for mimicking a luxurious spa day.



Asymmetrical Patterns

Utilising asymmetrical patterns both breaks the monotonous arrangement of bathrooms, but also adds much needed life and colour. 2019 is finding ways to incorporate these into cabinets, drawers, shelves and mirrors to keep visitors on their toes.




Floating shelves brings with it the opportunity to embrace the space and achieve a clean, neat appearance. It’s easy how these shelves can seamlessly blend into tile work and corners to help avoid a cluttered look. Perfect if you’re renovating smaller bathrooms that often collect un-used products.



Create your own Zen

Hardwood floors and wooden accessories are making a comeback this 2019 as residents start to mix the exterior into the interior. To achieve the zen look, consider mixing white-polished basins with wooden floorboards to add warmth and relaxation. Such material also naturally absorbs moisture, perfect after that steamy shower.  





Vintage for the Win

Don’t let muted colours and clean lines stop you from achieving a relaxed design. The bohemian sleek look reflects relaxation, wherein the entire look can be fused together by mixing textures; from using funky tile patterns, timber shelving and gold accents.


Simplicity is Key

When it comes to styling a contemporary bathroom, stick to simple colour palettes of grey, white or timber as these bring elegance and avoids an overwhelming space. Moreover, classic statements of baby succulents, soft-coloured towels and woven baskets act as a simple way to achieve an aesthetic look.  



Black and White

Why not go the simple route and opt for the classic black and white colour scheme? These colours make it flexible to add small details where incorporating touches of gold against the white walls open dimension. Or geometric flooring to add femininity and elegance to the bathroom.  You can never go wrong with black and white.



Ceramic accents are becoming a statement piece from walls, cabinets, countertops to tiling bringing character to the bathroom space. Say hello to the Italian-inspired ceramic - Terrazzo as it’s no longer a commercial product. Its slip-resistant finish and durable surface is definitely a luxurious choice and brings a splash of colour to your bathroom.



Touches of Metallic

Using brass and hammered basins allow for a vintage, rustic charm allowing you to embrace the metallic accents. Touches of metallic accents within the hanging lights, mirror frame and taps can allow you to experiment both masculine and feminine looks.



Owning your own five-star bathroom

There’s no need to book a luxurious hotel to experience a quality bathroom when it’ll be meters away from you. Use geometric shapes to feature visual appeal such as herringbone for a contemporary look. Experiment with brick walls to add texture, bringing a sense of roughness and edge in the modern interior. Moreover, keep in mind to display minimal products to avoid crowded looks for a more elegant and sleek finish.