Ken's Guide to Choosing a Toilet for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right toilet should be a seemingly easy decision in the planning process of your bathroom reno right? Well, no not exactly, with so many options and variables to take into account, picking one can be quite an arduous task without the help of a professional. So, below is a quick guide to help you understand the differences and what you’ll need to consider when purchasing the right toilet for your bathroom renovation.


There are four main styles of toilets you’ll bump into that you’ll have to consider; here’s a quick style guide to get you in the know.

Concealed Toilets - A concealed cistern is simply a toilet cistern (tank) that is neatly hidden in some way. It is usually hidden inside or behind a wall, or in the ceiling or inside cabinetry or under a counter. This is a very modern style and is perfect for smaller bathrooms with less space. For a full renovation or complete rebuild, this style is perfect as cisterns can be placed in the wall cavity, re-sheet and re-tile.


Wall Faced Toilets - Wall faced toilets are the most common toilets that we deal with at Bathrooms R Us. The back of the pan sits by the wall so there are no gaps between the wall and the toilet. Wall faced toilets are easy to clean and are a reliable style. 

wall faced.jpg

Close Coupled Toilets - Less common, but a very good choice if you’re looking to go for a retro bathroom, the Close Coupled Toilets are a traditional style with the cistern and pan joined together to hide the flush pipes.

Connector Toilets - Connector toilets are another reliable look for older bathrooms and provide the greatest amount of flexibility for installation and are great for replacements. The connector toilet has the cistern joined to the pan via a plastic flush pipe and connector plate.


An inlet is where the fresh water supply enters and fills up your cistern. 

Bottom Entry - A bottom entry is where the inlet location is through the side of the toilet pan. You will easily be able to identify a bottom inlet as there is a tap on the wall with hose going to the side of the toilet. 

Back Inlet - A back inlet is where the inlet location is concealed behind the top of the cistern, giving a sleek and modern look. 


An outlet is where the waste from your toilet travels to. 

S Trap - Very popular in Australia, S trap pans have the toilet trap connecting directly into the floor. 

P Trap - P trap pans have the toilet trap connecting directly into the wall. 

Universal Trap - This means it can be installed as an S or a P trap. 


It is always important to look at the measurements of your new toilet to ensure it is suited to your space. 

Projection - This means how far your pan projects out from the wall. It is important to measure the projection of the toilet to make sure it fits comfortably in your space and won't obstruct anything. 

Height - The toilet height as a standard us usually around 395mm, however there are 'easy-height' toilets available to make getting on and off the toilet easier. 

And that’s all there is too it folks, if you need anymore advice or would like to enquire about a bathroom renovation – call in the experts at Bathrooms R Us. We will ensure that the whole renovation process is seamless, from the initial design and planning stage (including the choice of a new toilet), through to handover of the beautiful finished product.


5 Ways To Heat Up Your Winter With These Bathroom Warmers

Winter has come, and if you’re looking for ways to stay toasty and warm, especially when it comes time for the morning shower, here’s some tips to make your bathroom winter proof.

1. Warm Flooring

Depending on the budget you have, one of the simplest ways to make your cozy sensation of warmth between your toes early in the morning is to get a heated floor. Having underfloor is a great investment and one you’ll certainly be glad of every morning when you venture into the bathroom to get ready for the day ahead.

While underfloor heating can be a considerable investment, there are other ways to warm those floors in the morning including electric heaters or a nice rug. If you are looking at an electric heater though, be sure to get a qualified electrician to fit it.

2. Infrared Heating

Infrared bathroom heaters are becoming more and more popular due to its energy saving properties but also due to the healthy and comfortable room climate infrared-C rays provides. Conventional connection heaters heat up the air causing it to circulate and rise to the ceiling. Infrared heaters instead heat up your body evenly.

4. Heated Towel Rails

Get your towels nice and warm for the morning with a heated towel rail. Again, this is a recommended investment in for your home, and with the radiators set on a timer you can look forward to warm towels to greet you in the morning. There’s nothing quite like stepping out of the shower into a nice warm towel on a cold, winter morning. Heated towel rails are a fantastic luxury item for the bathroom, but they're not designed to heat up the entire bathroom. The main feature is simply to warm up your towels, with the added bonus of looking luxurious.

However installation of these towel rails requires the utmost precision – with forethought a must. Always make sure you've got some of your own research or experience under your belt before you start.

5. Don’t Become a DIY Disaster

Mixing electrics and moisture is a very dangerous game; so make sure you enlist the help of a qualified renovator and tradespeople before playing with these heating options. Don’t risk it if you don’t know it. Contact us today and explore how you can keep your bathroom warmer, this winter.

Ken's 3 Tips for a Hassle Free Renovation

Are you contemplating a renovation for your home bathroom? Before you get stuck into the process of remodelling your bathroom, we recommend these 3 important steps you can take to assure that it’s all smooth sailing ahead. Whether you’re looking at modern designer bathroom renovations or something better suited to a smaller budget, we’ve listed some tips to help you renovate your bathroom without the hassle.

1. Be Prepared

Plan Your Space and Schedule

A bathroom renovation is no small task. Detailed research, planning and coordination is required to identify any potential issues ahead of time and achieve a successful end result. Drawing up plans before beginning any renovation work allows you to experiment with different layouts, until you find the one that suits you best.

Also be mindful that bathroom remodelling has many components, so planning the process around your household (and vice versa) will help everything run as smoothly as possible. If you are employing a professional bathroom renovation company, ask them about the likely timeline you are looking at and how long the key features in your bathroom (sink, shower, toilet etc) will be out of action for.

The professionals at Bathrooms R Us can draw out detailed plans for bathrooms of every budget, taking into account the desires of the customer and considering all possibilities for the allocated space.

2. Select the Correct Fixtures & Features in Advance


The lighting plan in any bathroom plays a vital role, both aesthetically and functionally. Since existing and outdated lighting should be updated when renovating it is important to look into a lighting plan early on, to account for any new electrical work in advance and save you from any headaches later down the track.

Hot Water

You should keep your hot water requirements in mind when planning a bathroom renovation. If you are adding in a multi-head shower, larger bathtub, or you find that the capacity of your current hot water system is already insufficient for your existing bathroom, you should consider installing a larger water heater. Taking care of the installation and connection of a new hot water system during the renovation process means that lack of hot water won’t be an issue once the new bathroom is up and running!


Storage is an important feature in any bathroom and there are many options that allow you to make the most of the available space. Recessed cabinets and shelving built into the walls of the room allow for storage without taking up any additional space, and a recessed niche in the shower is both a functional and aesthetic alternative to bulky shower head organisers; but both these options should be planned into your bathroom design in advance to save any delays and hassles further into the renovation.

3. Call in the Professionals

For peace of mind that your bathroom renovation will be planned and completed safely, professionally and hassle-free – call in the experts at Bathrooms R Us. We will ensure that the whole renovation process is seamless, from the initial design and planning stage through to handover of the beautiful finished product.

As Campbelltown’s bathroom renovation specialists, you can be rest assured that Bathrooms R Us will always use quality materials, proper tools and licensed and qualified tradesmen to complete every project we take on. It is not uncommon for renovations to be filled with unexpected hurdles, but our team at Bathrooms R Us are experienced and prepared to handle any obstacles that may arise.

From small bathroom renovations through to the grand and luxurious, our expert team can successfully complete affordable bathroom renovations to suit every taste and budget – so book in an appointment with the design consultants at Bathrooms R Us and make your dream a reality today!

4 Important Questions To Ask Your Bathroom Renovator Before Renovating

Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting process for new and old homeowners, but it can also cause a great deal of stress. Naturally you would want the whole project to be perfect from start to finish, and you definitely wouldn’t want to spend extra money to fix a renovator’s mishaps.

To ensure you are getting the value your paid for it is vital that you communicate very clearly with your renovator on what you want and how you want your bathroom to look. Below are a few questions that you should be asking your bathroom renovator before they get started on your dream bathroom.

How many years have you been renovating bathrooms for?

For any job that requires someone to do work in your house, you should ALWAYS be hiring a professional craftsman. Asking about someone’s experience and keeping tabs on their professionalism will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also show the contractor that you value their experience and expertise. Comb for details on their punctuality, cleanliness, communication and quality of work. By doing this, your renovator will know that you understand what path your bathroom will be going through and that you trust their skill. Experience is more often then not more valuable than qualifications and an experienced bathroom renovator will take their job seriously.

Are you licensed and qualified?

Bathroom remodelling is not just a typical job any handyman can undertake. Construction is notorious for bringing up legalities that you might face when trouble strikes, so make sure that your contractor is licensed and qualified. This will cover you in the long run, and it sends a clear message to them that you want your reno’s done according to regulation. If they aren’t registered, find out why or switch contractors.

Do you take on bathroom remodeling projects of my scope?

Contractors can vary in what projects they specialise in. For example, one contractor may do master bathroom renovations, while another focuses specifically on small bathroom or ensuite remodels. So asking this question straight away can save everyones time and effort.

Do you have any references?

Last but not least, ask for references that you can call before hiring. Take the extra mile to find out if clients were happy with the job to help you form a decision. Once you have the details, ask about time frame, satisfaction and professionalism of the contractor and if they would use them again.

If you ask all these questions before renovating a bathroom you will be able to make sure you have the right team for your renovation!

Top Design Trends for Bathroom Renovations in 2019

Where’s the bathroom? Visitors will always ask when they enter so why not vamp it up a bit. From wooden furnishings, green accents to asymmetrical shapes. The possibilities are endless. You’ll be dying to keep the bathroom door open as we cover our top bathroom design trends for 2019.


Every day is Spa Day

First things first, spa-inspired styling is a popular trend as residents can use the bathroom to escape the everyday pressures of life. Incorporate freestanding bathtubs with a soft rounded edge to bring softness or try a rectangular boxed shape for a sleek look. Either way, it is a simple way to achieve a luxurious oasis, perfect for mimicking a luxurious spa day.



Asymmetrical Patterns

Utilising asymmetrical patterns both breaks the monotonous arrangement of bathrooms, but also adds much needed life and colour. 2019 is finding ways to incorporate these into cabinets, drawers, shelves and mirrors to keep visitors on their toes.




Floating shelves brings with it the opportunity to embrace the space and achieve a clean, neat appearance. It’s easy how these shelves can seamlessly blend into tile work and corners to help avoid a cluttered look. Perfect if you’re renovating smaller bathrooms that often collect un-used products.



Create your own Zen

Hardwood floors and wooden accessories are making a comeback this 2019 as residents start to mix the exterior into the interior. To achieve the zen look, consider mixing white-polished basins with wooden floorboards to add warmth and relaxation. Such material also naturally absorbs moisture, perfect after that steamy shower.  





Vintage for the Win

Don’t let muted colours and clean lines stop you from achieving a relaxed design. The bohemian sleek look reflects relaxation, wherein the entire look can be fused together by mixing textures; from using funky tile patterns, timber shelving and gold accents.


Simplicity is Key

When it comes to styling a contemporary bathroom, stick to simple colour palettes of grey, white or timber as these bring elegance and avoids an overwhelming space. Moreover, classic statements of baby succulents, soft-coloured towels and woven baskets act as a simple way to achieve an aesthetic look.  



Black and White

Why not go the simple route and opt for the classic black and white colour scheme? These colours make it flexible to add small details where incorporating touches of gold against the white walls open dimension. Or geometric flooring to add femininity and elegance to the bathroom.  You can never go wrong with black and white.



Ceramic accents are becoming a statement piece from walls, cabinets, countertops to tiling bringing character to the bathroom space. Say hello to the Italian-inspired ceramic - Terrazzo as it’s no longer a commercial product. Its slip-resistant finish and durable surface is definitely a luxurious choice and brings a splash of colour to your bathroom.



Touches of Metallic

Using brass and hammered basins allow for a vintage, rustic charm allowing you to embrace the metallic accents. Touches of metallic accents within the hanging lights, mirror frame and taps can allow you to experiment both masculine and feminine looks.



Owning your own five-star bathroom

There’s no need to book a luxurious hotel to experience a quality bathroom when it’ll be meters away from you. Use geometric shapes to feature visual appeal such as herringbone for a contemporary look. Experiment with brick walls to add texture, bringing a sense of roughness and edge in the modern interior. Moreover, keep in mind to display minimal products to avoid crowded looks for a more elegant and sleek finish.